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Episode 3: Greg Dudzienski (part 2)

Greg Dudzienski is a saxophonist, composer, and an educator based in Chicago. In episode 3 we discuss the value of practice journals, documenting creative work, imposter syndrome, and redefining success.


Greg’s conversation is in 2 parts - Episode 2 & 3. Each episode ends with an excerpt from Greg’s album La Luna, with: Francesco D'Errico - Piano 
Marco De Tilla - Bass 
Marco Fazzari - Drums

Greg read excerpts from Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He also paraphrased author Austin Kleon.

Greg’s “Three Things:”

* John Coltrane - A Love Supreme and Crescent

*Natalie Prass - Her new album is the Future and the Past

*Paul Simon - His new album is In the Blue Light


Title and transition music heard on this episode was composed by Nicholaus Meyers: Slightly Funky, performed by Ken Jimenez and Nicholaus Meyers, and End of Time performed by Elizabeth DeLamater. Art Lives is available here and on ITunes

Photo: Sabar drums on the roof of the Konate house, Guedaiwaye, Senegal

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