Episode 2: Greg DudzienskI (part 1)

Greg Dudzienski is a saxophonist, composer, and an educator based in Chicago. He retired from the Navy Music Program last fall. In Episode 2 Greg tells us about his personal and professional transition to civilian life. We also discuss the many hours artists need to dedicate to their craft, some socially and some in solitude. Greg’s conversation is in 2 parts - Episode 2 & 3.

Each episode ends with an excerpt from Greg’s album La Luna, with

Francesco D'Errico - Piano 
Marco De Tilla - Bass 
Marco Fazzari - Drums

Greg read two excerpts from the book Flow, written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He also paraphrased author Austin Kleon.

Greg’s “Three Things:”

* John Coltrane - A Love Supreme and Crescent

*Natalie Prass - Her new album is the Future and the Past

*Paul Simon - His new album is In the Blue Light


Title and transition music heard on this episode was composed by Nicholaus Meyers: Slightly Funky, performed by Ken Jimenez and Nicholaus Meyers, and End of Time performed by Elizabeth DeLamater. Art Lives is available here and on ITunes

Photo: Sabar drums on the roof of the Konate house, Guedaiwaye, Senegal

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