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Season 2 - Episode 1: CHRISTOPHER LEE

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Christopher Lee is an international flute performer and teacher, a Certified Personal Trainer and founding member of Whole Musician, a team of teachers who provide holistic artistic workshops and residencies.

Based in Toronto, Chris performs all over the world. He spoke about preparing and staying healthy for performance while traveling, and explained the Whole Musician vision and what Whole Musician does during a typical artist residency. In the second half of the episode, Chris shares the remarkable story of his sudden heart attack last fall, and his astounding full recovery since.


Christopher Lee’s website is:

On this episode we hear an excerpt of “Paçoca,” from his album Bailar Conmigo.

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Episode 7: Zahra Gordon

Zahra Gordon is an award-winning Caribbean American poet, journalist and writer living in La Brea, Trinidad & Tobago. On this episode Zahra recounts her experiences growing up in both Trinidad and the United States. We learn of Zahra’s mission to rescue voices from the past before they disappear, and gain a glimpse into the vibrant ecosystem of thought that creates Zahra’s art.


Zahra’s blog, “Zee Speaks,” contains links to her published work. In addition, Zahra runs Speakeasy Solutions, which provides private tuition in English language, literature, reading and creative writing.

Zahra’s “Three Things:”

* TEZA, a film by Haile Gerima

*Citizen, a book by poet Claudia Rankine

*The works of Kerry James Marshall


Zahra also mentioned authors Chester Himes, Zora Neal Hurston, and professor, scholar and poet R. Victoria Arana.

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Episode 6: David Lloyd Bradley

David Lloyd Bradley is a ceramacist and educator living in Phoenix, Arizona. David views his art as an agent of understanding and change. In this episode, David talks about his daily life as a professor at Paradise Valley Community College, how he connects his work to social justice concerns, his ongoing projects with suicide survivors and veterans, and how a recent Fulbright trip has blossomed into a continuing multimedia project documenting the lives and work of over three dozen Bosnian artists.


David’s Three Things:

*Scottsdale Public Art David mentioned one of their many annual events, the Canal Convergence.

*Balkan Social Justice Library Guide David compiled this LibGuide about Social Justice Art in the Balkans. Hosted by the Paradise Valley Community College library, it includes reading lists, photos, and videos, including some of David’s interviews with Balkan artists.

*David’s personal website,


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Photo: Sabar drums on the roof of the Konate house, Guedaiwaye, Senegal

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