Season 2 -Episode 3: Daniela Arley and William Ramos

Violinist Daniela Arley and percussionist William Ramos perform in the Orquesta Sinfònica Nacional de Costa Rica, and together as Duo Arley-Ramos, featuring music for the violin & marimba.


In this episode, Daniela and William tell us about their respective musical histories, including William’s grandfather, who ran away with a circus. As members of the Orquesta Sinfònica Nacional de Costa Rica (OSN), Daniela and William get to play a great variety of music for enthusiastic audiences, yet still participate in other musical projects, such as their new duo collaboration. We discuss the importance of new creation, preserving the old classics, and the concept of “giving back.”

William has four albums, including Turrialba 1920s.

Here is a clip of William playing his arrangements of Costa Rican folk music.

This is a delightful clip of Daniela playing soon after she joined the OSN.

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Photo: Sabar drums on the roof of the Konate house, Guedaiwaye, Senegal

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