About the Art Lives Podcast


Art Lives: Elizabeth DeLamater interviews literary, performing, & visual artists about their art, their lives, and how they navigate the world.

Literary, performing, and visual artists share their thoughts and experiences. We discuss philosophical issues, such as dreams, expectations, motivation, identity, success…and we also talk about practical concerns, such as time management, grant funding, health insurance, and practice spaces.

Art Lives is a monthly podcast hosted and produced by Elizabeth DeLamater. It was created in the summer of 2018.

Art Lives is available on iTunes.

Theme and transition music heard on Art Lives was composed by Nicholaus Meyers. The Theme music is Slightly Funky, performed by Ken Jimenez, trumpet, and Nicholaus Meyers, percussion. The transition music, End of Time, was performed by Elizabeth DeLamater.

The Art Lives logo was designed by Eduardo Moreno.

Photo: Sabar drums on the roof of the Konate house, Guedaiwaye, Senegal

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